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Kyshera Tour Dates 

Past Tour Dates
Date Venue Location
Nov 20th Scruffy Murphy's (Headline) Birmingham, UK
Oct 22nd The Marble Factory (with Delain) Bristol, UK
Aug 16th Viking Festival Ebbw Vale, UK
Jul 18th Borderline (with Snot) London, UK
Jul 17th Queens Hall (with Snot) Nuneaton, UK
Jul 14th The Corporation (with Snot) Sheffield, UK
Jul 13th The Scene (with Snot) Swansea, UK
Jul 12th The Forum (with Snot) Tunbridge Wells, UK
Jul 11th La Peniche (with Snot) Lille, France
Jul 10th Le Ferraileur (with Snot) Nantes, France
Jul 9th The Winston (with Snot) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jul 8th Underground (with Snot) Cologne, Germany
Jul 5th Schuur (with Snot) Lucerne, Switzerland
Jul 4th Surfer Joe (with Snot) Livorno, Italy
Jul 3rd Altroquando (with Snot) Treviso, Italy
Jul 2nd Freakout (with Snot) Bologna, Italy
Jul 1st Lo-Fi Club (with Snot) Milano, Italy
Jun 30th Secret Place (with Snot) Montpellier, France
Jun 27th RockSound (with Snot) Barcelona, Spain
Jun 26th Sala Cats (with Snot) Madrid, Spain
Jun 25th Bafo De Baco (with Snot) Algarve, Portugal
Jun 24th RCA Club (with Snot) Lisbon
Jun 23rd Sala Acapulco (with Snot) Gijon, Spain
May 30th Camden Rocks Festival London, UK
Apr 25th The Ivy (Headline) Sheerness, UK
Apr 24th The Venue (Headline) Selby, UK
Apr 23rd Rock City (Headline) Nottingham, UK
Apr 21st Robin2 (Headline) Wolverhampton, UK
Apr 18th Underworld (Headline) London, UK
Apr 17th The Square (Headline) Harlow, UK
Apr 15th The Globe (Headline) Cardiff, UK
Date Venue Location
Nov 13th Borderline (with Electric Mary AUS) London, UK
Nov 6th The Shed (Headline) Leicester, UK
Oct 24th The Wheatsheaf (Headline) Oxford, UK
Sep 13th Nos Da (Headline) Cardiff, UK
Aug 5th New Crown (Headline) Merthyr Tydfil, UK
Jul 27th Sanctuary (with Boy Hits Car US) Basingstoke, UK
Jul 26th Underworld (with Boy Hits Car US) London, UK
Jul 25th Crawfurd Arms (with Boy Hits Car US) Milton Keynes, UK
Jul 24th Rock City (with Boy Hits Car US) Nottingham, UK
Jul 23rd Riverside (with Boy Hits Car US) Selby, UK
Jul 22nd Penny Theatre (with Boy Hits Car US) Canterbury, UK
Jul 11th The Patriot (Headline) Crumlin, UK
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