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"Not every band can capture such energy and ideas in their music and wrap it all up into bite-size pieces, but Kyshera appear to have pulled off a masterstroke with 'Circle'." 8/10 PowerPlay Magazine

"An overdose of ideas when even at its quietest, guitarist / singer / mastermind James Kennedy is more exciting than 90% of bands today." Shout 4 Music

"The longer one has been reviewing music, the more of a surprise it becomes to discover a new band capable of delivering an hour of music that leaves one gasping for breath and a desire to immediately repeat the experience all over again." Rocktopia

"Quite frankly, the word "energetic" simply does not cut it. Balls-to-the-wall passion, instrument-as-tool aggression, and plenty of band/crowd interaction made this set an absolute stunner." The Musical Melting Pot

The Soundtrack for a new social movement. No Sweat UK

“Warped genius…‘Terrorists’ is a seriously warped slice of white noise that’ll leave you exhausted by its sheer musical breadth. ‘Made In China’ is a little easier on the ear but still a mind-bogglingly entertaining listen. BBC Radio 1

"The frenzied originality that Kyshera create regularly defies description, yet their giddy mix of Muse, Soundgarden, Red hot chilli peppers and Frank Zappa is as captivating as it is bewildering. Some may find this magnificent cacophony overwhelming, but after repeated listens it becomes clear what Kyshera have achieved here. It quite simply a glorious record."
Classic Rock Magazine

“…you can safely say that they’re not striving to be the next ‘All Time Low’. Indeed, if Kyshera’s quest is for individuality, then they’ve hit the mark here, with complex compostions running the gamut from schizophrenic riffing to lounge jazz. 7/10″
Rock Sound Magazine


"Kyshera are a band you can NOT miss!'
Up Magazine, Netherlands

"A world wind of Avant Rock that will leave you wanting more…like drinking twenty red bulls in ten minutes, a big musical head rush, for the mind, body and spirit."
Flavour Magazine

"You know it’s tight in a club when you can feel the phone but can’t reach into your pocket without molesting the persons around you. Such was the case Saturday at Cherry Cola’s Rock’n' Rolla as Welsh power trio Kyshera tore through their set heavy and loud as a runaway 747. Kyshera played a flawless set of intense music…Both headbanger boys and hardrock girls agreed this was the realest shit." Cashbox Magazine, Canada

"This record will snare each and every listener instantly. Opening track 'Terrorists' is undeniably catchy and whizzing in all directions within the first 30 seconds, it really encapsulates the tone of the album - fantastic guitar hooks, masked by a million different distractions demanding each millisecond of attention from the listener. Screw it - it's impossible to put words to this inspired madness. I love it! 5/5" Big Cheese Magazine

“…sometimes I feel that there really is only enough room for one Mars Volta. But I might be proved wrong by Kyshera from. They too are an amazing band, but they have that UK edge that could stand them apart from their American counterparts. And I can’t believe it’s just three people making that noise. Awesome!” Rhythm Magazine

"I'm a full-blown convert. This is a band that absolutely must be seen live, and I can tell you with absolutely no hyperbole that it was one of the most enjoyable live shows I've seen in recent memory. I didn't want the set to end" BlogTo, Canada

Applying Radioheads wilful awkwardness in everything & finding his own voice within the same gene pool as Jeff Buckley, Muse & At The Drive-In, to use the word ambitious in relation to this meisterwork is to underplay the scene considerably." The Big Issue

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